Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it! I am officially engaged. I was totally shocked when Sean asked me. It was on Friday, September 19th that he 'popped' the question. He sent me a text in the morning that said not to make plans because we were going to his sisters with a few other people for pizza. Just bring $3.00 and myself. So, I got off work around 6:15pm and ran a few errands to kill time. Around 7:15 Sean called me and said if I wanted to just come over now it was fine with his sister, Crystal. So I headed over, and when I pulled up in front of their house I noticed that Sean's brother Jeff, his gf Kendrea, and Juan's brother Gabe weren't there yet, and they are ALWAYS early. It wasn't anything big though, just unusual and I really didn't think anything of it. Sean met me at the door and said "Everyone is in the back yard". I knew that "everyone" was not even there yet, and then I noticed that Juan and Crystal's kitchen table was missing from it's usual place in the dining room. Sean was obvious when he lied and said it was broke. Haha! Still, I wasn't expecting what I got when he opened the back door. As soon as he did I realized what was going on. On the patio was the table, set for dinner. It was covered in rose petals(so was the patio), and there were candles on it too. White lights were all around the patio and music was playing softly.....I immediately started crying. He had gone to a very nice(also pricey) Italian restaurant and bought a nice dinner, had apple cider in glasses...yes....in wine glasses.....and cheesecake for dessert. Of course roses for me as well. Haha. I won't go into the specifics of what was said but he asked me to marry him and I could hardly respond because I was crying and so shocked! He did and awesome job! And thank you Crystal for helping him decorate and letting him use your house. We never even saw Juan and Crystal, just enjoyed a romantic candle lit dinner alone. So, there you have it! And the wedding will be in March, we haven't set a date though.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ok so I am only in like week 3 of school, but I'm already starting to feel the "pain". Chem is goin really well. I've had one exam and got a B. That's good for me and math/science. Now Physiology may be a different story. I am trying to understand/make sense of cell membrane physiology and lipid solubility and all this stuff about negative and positive feedback in a body.....I can't help but feel like a total loser tho bcus I just feel so lost. It doesn't help that I am such a horrible test taker, and my studying usually doesn't stick in my head. Any one out there have any suggestions on how to study/prepare for a test?? I am open to suggestions!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder???

More like absence makes the heart stop, or makes a person crazy. Anyone reading this who isn't aware, my bf Sean and his family went to their home land, Canada, to visit. It's day 4 of 10 and I am seriously so sad and lonely!! We can only txt(our life line!) a few times a day, and we can only talk on the phone(.59 cents a min!) for about 10 minutes a day=*(** WAAAAHHH! It is simply amazing how just knowing he isn't in the same city, state, COUNTRY, can make me so down. I'm ready for him to come home, and I am ready to say no more trips for you buddy! Haha ok not really I am not like that. At least I have school and work to keep me busy= ) I MISS YOU SEAN!!!