Friday, January 27, 2012

It's a New Year!

Well it's a new year!  I'm really not one for new years resolutions, but at the end of 2011 I did start an endeavor to get fit and to change my eating habits.   So, I went right on down to the good ol' Walmart and purchased a few weights and Jillian Micheal's ripped in 30.  Now let me tell you, Jillian Micheal's is definitely tough!  Especially if you go from jogging about a mile maybe 2 times a week to high intensity circuit/interval training.  It pretty much kicked me in the cedar end.  I new that I had to make BIG changes for this workout to be effective and to be easier.  So one of my co-workers  pointed me to a web site that she uses,  She lost 100 lbs. in 2011 and is still losing by committing to working out 30 minutes a day and following a better diet.  Can I just say it works!  I stated the day after Christmas and I got a little crazy about working out and I have lost several lbs.  More importantly, I have lost 2.5" in my hips, have developed muscles in my arms and shoulders, and I am getting A SIX PACK!   It feels great being 'healthier'.  I have become somewhat "addicted" to working out, but I figure that is a better thing to be addicted to than some of the alternatives.  So, if anyone out there in blog land is feeling like a change is needed, let me recommend  Checkout some of these workouts too!