Monday, December 22, 2008

Winter Break!!

I am so so so so happy school is out! And I am so so so so so so happy that I passed all my classes!! Whoo hoo! Thank you Jesus! Seriously, I just knew I was going to fail physiology, so when I pulled up my grades and saw that I did way better than I gave myself credit for, I just about cried. It was surely a tough semester. Getting engaged, coordinating our Christmas program at church(which turned out really neat I think!), getting SICK! Ugh! It's over though for a few weeks, and now I get to start making wedding invitations= ) Merry Christmas Ya'll!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh wow, here are some pics of me growing up, hahaha I was a goofy looking kid. I had a wide range of hairstyles, none of them too cute. My mom was the kind of mom that would let me go to the salon and pick my own style out. How embarrassing! I had a great childhood though, and I guess it's good that I can look back and laugh.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Engagement pictures

Well taking engagement pics was really fun! These are just a few of my favorites. For those of you who haven't seen Denise's work go to or to see what awesome work she does!! Enjoy

I really like the artsy stuff like the 1st 3 photos and the bamboo shots.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ok, so my family just went to Disney Land for a couple of days last weekend. I have a lot of pics I am going to post but for now I just have this one. You will notice Sean is not in this pic, bcus he is chicken! Hahah!! I know how annoying this can be but let me name every one circled in green. From left to right back row: Darren, Poppy, Drew(you cant see her head she is so tiny but not scared like some people), Candace, my Grandpa Kenny, Uncle Ryan, Muah. 2nd row left to right: Dad, Mom, Nic, Lisa. 1st row left to right: Tyler, Heather, Alyssa, and Jenn. If you haven't gone on this ride, do so immediately!!! It's so fun.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it! I am officially engaged. I was totally shocked when Sean asked me. It was on Friday, September 19th that he 'popped' the question. He sent me a text in the morning that said not to make plans because we were going to his sisters with a few other people for pizza. Just bring $3.00 and myself. So, I got off work around 6:15pm and ran a few errands to kill time. Around 7:15 Sean called me and said if I wanted to just come over now it was fine with his sister, Crystal. So I headed over, and when I pulled up in front of their house I noticed that Sean's brother Jeff, his gf Kendrea, and Juan's brother Gabe weren't there yet, and they are ALWAYS early. It wasn't anything big though, just unusual and I really didn't think anything of it. Sean met me at the door and said "Everyone is in the back yard". I knew that "everyone" was not even there yet, and then I noticed that Juan and Crystal's kitchen table was missing from it's usual place in the dining room. Sean was obvious when he lied and said it was broke. Haha! Still, I wasn't expecting what I got when he opened the back door. As soon as he did I realized what was going on. On the patio was the table, set for dinner. It was covered in rose petals(so was the patio), and there were candles on it too. White lights were all around the patio and music was playing softly.....I immediately started crying. He had gone to a very nice(also pricey) Italian restaurant and bought a nice dinner, had apple cider in wine glasses.....and cheesecake for dessert. Of course roses for me as well. Haha. I won't go into the specifics of what was said but he asked me to marry him and I could hardly respond because I was crying and so shocked! He did and awesome job! And thank you Crystal for helping him decorate and letting him use your house. We never even saw Juan and Crystal, just enjoyed a romantic candle lit dinner alone. So, there you have it! And the wedding will be in March, we haven't set a date though.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ok so I am only in like week 3 of school, but I'm already starting to feel the "pain". Chem is goin really well. I've had one exam and got a B. That's good for me and math/science. Now Physiology may be a different story. I am trying to understand/make sense of cell membrane physiology and lipid solubility and all this stuff about negative and positive feedback in a body.....I can't help but feel like a total loser tho bcus I just feel so lost. It doesn't help that I am such a horrible test taker, and my studying usually doesn't stick in my head. Any one out there have any suggestions on how to study/prepare for a test?? I am open to suggestions!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder???

More like absence makes the heart stop, or makes a person crazy. Anyone reading this who isn't aware, my bf Sean and his family went to their home land, Canada, to visit. It's day 4 of 10 and I am seriously so sad and lonely!! We can only txt(our life line!) a few times a day, and we can only talk on the phone(.59 cents a min!) for about 10 minutes a day=*(** WAAAAHHH! It is simply amazing how just knowing he isn't in the same city, state, COUNTRY, can make me so down. I'm ready for him to come home, and I am ready to say no more trips for you buddy! Haha ok not really I am not like that. At least I have school and work to keep me busy= ) I MISS YOU SEAN!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The newest addition to the Bolen house

Ok, I told you we always replace our dogs when they pass on to doggy heaven. So we did just that when our beloved furman was hit by a car. We recently added Lola to our family. She is a 2 and a half month old boxer. Such a doll! So far she has been sleeping with Heather. Hahaha. That won't last long once she starts getting bigger. Anyway, we love her!

Also, I started school today, Monday the 25th. Whew, it's going to be a tough semester. Chem and Physiology.....and an aerobics class that I found out is pretty intense. I guess I should lose some weight tho!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just about time for a change

This past Tuesday night we had a really bad thunder storm. My dog, Furmin, is totally freaked out by thunder and some how managed to wriggle out of our back yard. We haven't seen him since. After putting up signs in the neighborhood we have been getting calls from people saying a brindle boxer was hit early Wednesday morning off the main road by our house. I am very saddened by the loss of our beloved dog. I think I may be posting pics of a new puppy on here soon bcus we always replace our doggies when they pass.

But on a more cheery note, i put some new photos of our past putt putt experience. Enjoy!

Playing a lil putt putt...........
Sean ditched the bat after a while and just let the ball hit him.....he said he had always wanted to try it.....odd.

This is Sean and Jeff (and Kendrea's) profiles...I guess if you didn't know them you wouldn't know who was who!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Some Days Are More Fun Than Others

Wow, God is doing some awesome things in Chico. Last Sunday night Bro. Morton preached an unbelievable message called "Unforgettable Prayers". It was really amazing, and the presence of God swept in and took over. It was so intense, and we were called to another level of prayer as a church. That's not all. Bro. and Sis. Marks were visiting yesterday and Bro. Marks preached for us last night. That man is so in tune with God. God gives Him very SPECIFIC words for specific people. I'm not going to go into it all, but he was used once again in a mighty way for Chico. I will never forget the revival we had with them for three months straight, nor will I ever miss a service with them when they are at my home church! Thank You God for what You are doing in our city!

Check our church blog for upcoming pics of the service with Bro. Marks.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...........this is me messing with photo editing software. No, Gentry does not have a mustache, I gave it to him. So funny!

We had a youth night on Friday at the Harvey's. It was quite fun although Sis. Harvey had us playing so games that kept my legs sore for days after....thanks a lot! I guess I am out of shape= ) Anyhow, thanks Harveys for the fun!

Playing games......
.........more games.....
Juan looking very "thug-ish"
OMG this is freaky. This was after my very late birthday celebration. Drew took me to sushi at raw bar (one of our fave places), and then we had frozen yogurt at jon and bons....another fave. Thanks Drew!
Here is a very handsome guy and me.
Mommy and muah
Lexi....such a doll. We spent the evening at chipotle singing Michale Buble'
Drew, Sarah, Crystal, Gentry, Erica.
Tony, Gentry, My head, Hunter, Erica, and Heather

Saturday, July 5, 2008

These are a few pics from our 4th of July celebration. It was quite fun. Gentry wore quite the costume(suspenders and a bandanna on his head), we went for a walk in the foothills and found a lost dog, and hung out by the pool. And Jen and Nic are here visiting from Bako....poor kids had to experience the craziness of our family= ) Hope ya'll had just as much fun!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Here we are at the bowling alley, yes, i do bowl. Its definitely a humbling experience with the cool shoes and the wonderful stance you have to take....but a great cheap date!!