Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where does the time go?!

Well here I am again, finally updating my blog after MONTHS! I have been busy with pinterest, it is very time consuming haha. Thought I would post some projects that I have been working on.

Tie shirt!

Glittering up old shoes!

Pinterest recipes!

Found these at a 2nd hand store. Spray painted them and added some scrapbooking paper to the top for extra color!

Clock re-do! It was easy but time consuming.

We had a wonderful Christmas! Sean and I spoiled eachother. He got a kindle fire and new GPS. I got a Wii and $100 to agua ozul oasis!! Spa time! We spoiled our neices too, because that's what aunts and uncles do.

And then there is's some huge disgusting spider that I am attempting to get it into a jar because it was so big I didn't want to squish it on the floor. Yuk. Hope everyone had a great Christmas! And have a good new year, I will be celebrating it by working: )

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What?! An UPDATE???

I feel the need to update people on my life. I'm am saddened by blog posts that say 3 months ago or longer. Sooo, the last post was exciting, I graduated, etc. But I didn't tell anyone I got a job within 3 weeks of graduating! And believe it or not I didn't even apply! I actually got a call and was offered a job. God is so good! It's a lot of fun, I enjoy my job a lot. More importantly I enjoy my paychecks. We moved into a new little house the weekend after I graduated. It's very cute and comfy, and it should hold us over until we find something we want to buy. I haven't decided on a style to decorate in yet so I just have hodge podge stuff for now. It works though, and its our home!

And my brother in law jeff got married to his beautiful girlfriend, Kendrea. It was a beautiful wedding.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I did it!

In August of 2009 I started a journey that would lead me to a degree in respiratory care. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of tears along the way, but thanks to God, Sean, and the support of my family and friends I am glad to say I made it! On May the 27th I graduated. Thank you God! Unfortunately I now have to study and take my state boards (2 of them!), and try and find a job. But the biggest hurdle is out of the way! Yahoo! Thanks to everyone that was so supportive.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I really have nothing new or exciting to post. In fact my current position in life is rather boring. And I'm quite unsure of why I even bother keeping a blog. I have nothing to post. In a few weeks hopefully I can post that I have a job as an RT, that Sean and I are living back Chico, and that life is grand. In a few months maybe I can blog that some individuals in my extended family are getting married **ahem, no names shall be mentioned**, and maybe in about a year or so I can blog that i am pregnant, but for now I'm so sorry, I have nothing. What I just blogged was quite the run on sentence though!

Oh, I guess sone new news......I did get a new car FINALLY

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Ummm......what now?

I visit the blogs of various individuals often, and I find myself somewhat disappointed when they haven't been updated since my last visit. I live to skim through the pictures, read the entries, and catch up on people I haven't seen in a while, or don't even know for that matter. And then I realize that maybe other people feel the same way about my blog!! Im really not too intriguing. My life is somewhat boring and almost embarrassing. Nevertheless, I do have some faithful blog followers who may be interested in my boring life. An so, I present to you, little known ( or maybe widely known) facts about MEGAN! And then I will just throw in a few pictures because a blog without photos is boring.

*I am very very terrified of spiders

*I have a small birthmark on my hand that looks like it belongs on a map.

*I'm graduating in May as a respiratory therapist

*I DO NOT tan at all

*My hair has always been very red but has recently began changing.......and I have developed GREY HAIR! Only like 3. Whew!

*On the 21st of this month I will have been married 2 whole years

*I wear a size 8 1/2 shoe

*I would like to some day take a long road trip and visit all the states.

*I have no favorite food, I like it all except SUSHI! Yuk!

*I'm beginning to realize at this point in posting that I'm not interesting enough (even to myself) to go on. I'm just going to post a few random pictures and quit illustrating how dull I am.

My handsome hubby and I on a Sunday night.

Gentry Paul Morton being himself while wearing my glasses.

A photo that would have been nice if Sean didn't look away right as the picture was taken.

Health fair at Chico mall. A few of us volunteered to do pulmonary function testing. I am proud to say mine was great.

Advanced cardiac life support, yes, I am certified ; )

I have no words except "creepy". This lovely oddity was used for our training. It was somewhat unsettling since he has no legs or arms.

I attempted tot trick Sean into believing I wanted to buy this car........

I love Jesus

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Time to catch up

I'm told that the groundhog popped out of his hole this week and saw his shadow, so thankfully we should have an early spring. I truly enjoy the winter months, the festivities and the time spent among family, the cold weather gets to me though. A plus about spring, is that it will make it seem closer to my graduation! I'm ecstatic about graduating! I cannot wait to take those board exams and get licensed. Loogies, mucous, and boogers look out because I'm coming for you with my 8 fr. catheter. Okay so that isn't all I will be doing.......I fully intend to be working in ER and ICU as often as possible. I will still be going after those boogers and such, but I will be working with ventilators and traumas and it's such an adrenaline rush. Enough about that though. In other recent news, my long time friend and faithful companion , my 1998 Honda Accord EX coupe has died. I have mixed feelings about this as it means I have to buy another car. Any suggestions? I need longevity and gas efficiency. I intended on driving that car for another year or so considering it's paid
off, but life never let's me plan ahead. Isn't that just how life is though? I will be meeting with you all again soon!

Cute as a button!

Goodbye friend........sniff, sniff

I can't get enough of my nieces!

Who said you need hair to be happy and adorable?

Who cares if there is gift wrap on your head? You can still be one if the cutest babies ever!

Our front yard after a winter storm. One of the reasons I'm glad spring is on it's way.

Random sketch I did.......

.......another sketch.........

........okay you know it's another sketch..........

I actually enjoy drawing if I have time.

The iPhone makes it way to easy to draw. I have no doubt I could reproduce these sketches with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil though.

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