Friday, August 28, 2009

Wow! I can hardly believe it. Here I am, married (VERY happily I might add) and finally on the path to the career I have worked so hard to achieve. God is so good! The Respiratory Therapy (RT) program seemed so far away and out of reach for the longest time, but I am finally here. I feel like a wonderful opportunity has been given to me and I cannot mess it up! Naturally I am scared too. I am glad to announce that my instructor for the first semester does not believe in "trick" questions on quizzes or exams. Whew! So many instructors of science classes think you know the material only if you can give the correct answer to a very tricky question. Come on! When I am just learning something I need to work up to the trick stuff. Sure, if I taught the material for years I could probably answer every trick question you shot my way. And give me a few months on the job as an RT and I can probably do the same. Just don't cram my head with NEW information then try to trick me! I have never understood this whole theory! So far this semester I won't have to worry about it= ) I have in my lecture notes "the molecular weight of atmospheric oxygen is 32", in my quiz the question literally read " what is the molecular weight of atmospheric oxygen?" HAHAHA YES! I don't have to dissect the question for 10 minutes before I can tentatively answer! That just feels good.