Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Bolen family and the "New" Neufeld family went on a short road trip to Bakersfield April 18th. My cousin Lauren and her beau got married! March, April, May, and June are all wedding months I guess! We have one to attend in each month. Our trip was good, we left Friday around 4pm, and got to our hotel around midnight. Saturday we got up and went to breakfast with my grandparents, it's kind of tradition i guess. Then we headed over to the mall where we ran into several members of my family and friends from the Bakersfield church. Sean just loved meeting a ton of people (he hated it)! Unfortunately for him though, my extended family is so big! and he has only met about a fourth of them. Hahahah. Plus, everyone from my old church wanted to meet him. One of my Aunts remarked (in front of Sean) that I had caught me a looker, and she wondered if I would trade She and her husband are in their 60's, I declined. Sean was embarrassed, but soooo many of the people he was forced to meet made comments about how handsome he is. Hahah. It was entertaining!!! Anyway, here are a few pics.

Maddy and Kristin
Sean, Karter, Kenson
One of Dana's new babies!!!!!

Sean, picking his nose on the way home

Grandma and I at the reception

Kristin and I

Lauren and Philip's wedding

My long lost friend Rocio, we got into so much trouble in high school. I literally had not seen her since like 2001! It was a laughter filled reunion (All we ever really did was laugh and get into trouble).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Honeymoon pictures!

Well, this has taken me a forever to post! We have been back from our honeymoon for a while now. If you haven't figured it out yet, we went on a was a lot of fun! Sean got sick the first night which was not fun, but he woke up ok after that. Thank God! We got to go to Catalina Island and also to Mexico. The buffalo and mountain/ocean shots are from Catalina. It was very pretty there, Mexico was not so pretty but still fun, and we ate some pretty tasty tacos and chips and salsa. We also went on a tour in Mexico that included a winery (we just ate the cheese), that's what all the big barrels are. The main purpose of the tour was to go Which we did!!